Hungry Hearts Diner 2: Moonlit Memories Mod Apk 1.1.0 (Large number of gold coins)

Hungry Hearts Diner 2: Moonlit Memories Mod Apk Update – The long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed sequence is here!

In Hungry Hearts Diner 2, be the boss of a small restaurant in a quiet location
Sixties corner in Tokyo. This casual restaurant is a management sim
Come full of story, you both will have a chance
Meet outdated friends and meet new faces.

Grandma is back with a brand new but identical restaurant
Delicious cooking… and some new recipes, besides!
Although, you can use popular classics like curry soup, ramen, and miso
Remember to browse our classic and classic add-on
Japanese meals like natto, nikujaga, and okonomiyaki are effective.
We have a huge number of delicious desserts, and sure enough, even
The undisputed emperor of Showa desserts – Fruit Parfait!

However, you’re not right here for meals, are you?

Well, you might as well be, but that’s what happens to everyone at first.
Save some time, though, and grandma’s way of chattering
It quickly makes you gossip like its various regular counterparts.
They’re a strange group, and so they all seem to have
share of the problems. But after the third bowl of miso soup or so,
They will open up and reveal their tales, each cheerful and unhappy.

Hold on for a whole new batch of tales, with some amazing
Flips and turns along with the best method. And remember that everyone
They received that particular meal they will always remember.
Hungry Hearts Diner 2 additionally accommodates quite a few faceted tales*,
The place where you can see characters you know go on more adventures!
* Attention: Some themed stories can be accessed only as paid DLC.

【a story】
On a small street in a small unknown neighborhood sitting
An outdated Japanese dinner. The issues are quiet here. old fashion
Maybe you will say. But in fact they are. It’s Showa period in Japan.
And television simply began to appear.

Come sit down and close your eyes.
Thunk thunk blasts to the usual knife-slicing beat
vegetables. Hiss the sound of burning meat in a frying pan.
I feel hungry? Good, ‘Run the meals and that’s a positive’
Warm up your stomach and make you feel relaxed and full.

Moreover, you want the outdated grandmother who runs the place
All projects you will be able to get. She simply opened dinner
Entrances on the opposite day, he’s busy like a bee trying to survive
afloat. Running a profitable restaurant is not easy!

…well, one thing about this outdated girl seems awfully familiar.
Weren’t you running a dinner on the other side of town…?

Welcome to Hungry Hearts Diner!
It is a comfortable place, a place that brings ordinary people together spherically
Sit-down tables for a hunk – and maybe some are nice
Dialogue too. Here, you will discover meals that fill your stomach
And tales that will warm your coronary heart.

Thanks for coming and we hope you enjoy your meal!

Features of Mod Apk

A large number of gold coins can be obtained at once
All main lines and branch lines can be played with inexhaustible physical strength.

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